• Work traveller

    Koa Health Partners with International SOS to enable global access to mental healthcare across the continuum

    Koa Health’s app, Foundations, will become a part of the International SOS mental health ecosystem.

    By Koa Health

  • Hands holding a smartphone

    Smartphone psychotherapy trial with MGH reveals multiple patterns of effective engagement in mental health treatment

    By Koa Health

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    Mental Health Awareness Month: Creating a culture of mental health in the workplace

    By Koa Health

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    Koa Health Partners with CoreHealth to extend access to support across the continuum of mental health

    By Koa Health

  • Helping your workforce handle stress (and stay safe)

    By Koa Health

  • World Health Day: Health for all must encompass mental health

    By Koa Health

  • Women at work

    4 ways employers can support women’s mental health

    By Dr. Anna Mandeville