Foundations by Koa Health expands its mental health support at Doctor Care Anywhere

We're expanding our partnership with a leading UK provider of digital health services, Doctor Care Anywhere, to bring us one step closer to our mission: mental wellbeing for everyone.

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At Koa Health, we're pleased to announce we’re extending our partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere (DCA). DCA is launching Foundations, Koa Health’s top-ranked wellbeing solution, as part of their enhanced mental health proposition for employers. DCA is one of the UK’s largest providers of digital health services, offering online GP appointments as well as mental health support.

With this expanded offering, more than 100,000 of DCA’s customers have received access to Koa Foundations to improve their wellbeing through science-based programs and activities.

Dr. Bayju Thakar, founder and CEO of Doctor Care Anywhere said: “At DCA we have long taken very seriously the effects of mental health issues on our patients, their families and communities. So often, mental health symptoms can be substantially alleviated by early, thoughtful and sensitive interventions, by taking an integrated, holistic approach to treating both physical and mental health conditions. We are, therefore, pleased to be working with colleagues at Koa Health, who share our vision and passion for providing excellent care, as we enhance our pathways of mental health and wellbeing services, allowing us to continue providing patients with appropriate and timely care.”

Dr Oliver Harrison, CEO of Koa Health said: “Our goal is to provide easy access to a range of digital mental health solutions. Through our collaboration with Doctor Care Anywhere we want to close the growing demand gap in mental health care and provide patients with access to personalized products which meet their individual mental health needs.”

Digital mental health support is still falling short

Accessing therapy online has never been so convenient, yet pressures brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic mean demand for mental health support has never been greater.

Businesses simply can’t afford to wait for staff to get access to services with long and growing waitlists. Supporting your team’s mental health needs is great for them and great for your business - a study by Deloitte found that employers see a return of £5 for every £1 invested in mental health.

Mental health support in your pocket

Studies show digital mental health support to be an effective tool in stress management, depression, anxiety, and other mental health difficulties.

Foundations give businesses practical tools to handle stress and manage the mental wellbeing of their employees. The app’s library of over 150 evidence-based activities and more than 20 mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based programs are designed to help you relax, adopt better sleep habits, build self-esteem, unwind before bed, and challenge negative thoughts. All of the activities and programs are grounded in science and positive psychology.

“I’m a nurse so I look for evidence first, which Foundations is based on. It’s bite-sized, and they show you the research. I keep spreading the word.” [Foundations user]

Is your organization struggling to support the mental health needs of your staff? The Koa Health team would be happy to be a part of your solution, reach out to us at

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