Mental health on the road: A return to events for HR leaders

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After more than two years of COVID-19, Zoom meetings and virtual networking have been ingrained into our daily routines. Many of us have gotten used to checking in with coworkers online at the start of the workday or attending a farewell party over Google Meet when a team member moves on.

While we’re lucky to live in a time when technology enables us to stay socially connected during times when we can’t be together in person, many are still experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation. In fact, 68% of Americans surveyed considered digital interactions to be “useful but not a replacement for in-person contact.”

Face-to-face interactions are not only great for our mental health and overall wellbeing – they also help strengthen social bonds, allowing us to form more meaningful connections with others.

Koa Health may be a digital mental health company, but we also recognize the value of being together, talking person to person. That’s why we’re thrilled to see a return to in-person events this year

We’re ready to talk (face-to-face) about mental wellbeing and how it can benefit your organization. You can find Koa Health at these great events this Spring and Summer:

- Health and Benefits Leadership Conference, Las Vegas, April 4-6

- ASHHRA: Pheonix, AZ - April 25-27

- Thrive Summit: Austin, TX - April 26-28

- SALGBA: Seattle, WA - May 2-3

- BCBSA Summit: Orlando, FL - May 2-5

- Conference Board Employer Healthcare: San Diego, CA - May 10-11

- BenefitsPro Broker Expo: Austin, TX - May 23-25

- SHRM: New Orleans, LA - June 12-15

- Open Minds I/DD Executive Summit: Strategies For The Future: New Orleans, LA - June 14-16

- AHIP 2022: Las Vegas, NV - June 21-23

- The Future of Mental Healthcare, Boston, July 19-20

If you’re planning to attend any of these events, we’d love to connect with you. Contact us at, or book a meeting with one of our experts here. We hope to meet you there!

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