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Mental health is a continuum, not a set point. 83% of people will experience mental health challenges by middle age, with needs ranging from self-care and prevention to clinical treatment and therapy. Support them all in one place with Koa Health's unified platform.

For employers

The challenge

Every £1 invested

in mental health support returns £5.30 in improved health and productivity

4X as likely

employees facing mental health challenges are four times as likely to want to leave their organisation

Our approach

A unified platform

Taking care of employee mental health and workplace wellbeing poses a significant challenge to companies of all sizes, all around the world. Make providing care across the mental health continuum simpler and eliminate the need for multiple vendors by covering lifestyle, prevention and therapy within one unified, clinically-validated platform from Koa Health, available exclusively to enterprises.

From maximum clinical coverage delivered via flexible and effective personalized journeys for individuals to intelligent data, analytics and insights at a population level for organizations, Koa Health's approach delivers real-time VOI in positive outcomes and reduced costs

How we can help you

Koa Care 360 by Koa Health delivers personalized individual mental health support that maximizes impact across your workforce. Employees are guided through smooth, easy-to-navigate pathways, unique to them and recommended the most appropriate (and desired) mix of technology and human touch for their needs.

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For partners

The challenge


have experienced least one mental health challenge

7 in 10

don't use their benefits to their full value because they're too hard to use


require everyday mental health support

Our approach

Help more people easily access the care they need to thrive

75% of the workforce would benefit from everyday mental health support, but 68% say they don't use the services they currently have to their full value because they're too hard to use.

Extend your current offering across the full continuum of mental health, improve engagement and drive positive outcomes with Koa Health's comprehensive tech-driven approach to mental health.

How we can help you

Partner with Koa Health to deliver mental healthcare to those members who need therapy, and the up to 75% of your member population who prefer to access support on their own terms.

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Solutions for insurers

The challenge

2 times

as likely—people with mental illness are twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes and 3 to 5 times more likely to suffer a stroke.

7 out of 10

people with a mental disorder go untreated, in the UK.

More than 1/2

of patients of all ages are willing to use digital health care services.

Our approach

Give people the coverage they need at the right price

Ensuring members can access the care they need, when and where they need it—while controlling costs—is the biggest challenge insurers face. Koa’s innovative, digital solutions address this problem by providing access to quality support, at scale.

We provide personalised treatments delivered via smartphone and simplified progress-tracking to make care ubiquitous, effective and economical for provider teams and members.

How we can help you

The current care system can be difficult to navigate for your members, impacting engagement and outcomes. Help them easily discover and access the right care at the right time, with Koa Care 360.

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Online Social anxiety Cognitive Therapy for Adolescents (OSCA)

Ensuring teens living with social anxiety disorder receive the right care for their unique needs presents a challenge to parents and care providers alike. Improve access and outcomes with Online Social Anxiety Cognitive Therapy for Adolescents (OSCA) developed by world-renowned experts at Oxford University.

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Social anxiety disorder is frequent, but many go years without treatment. Make it easier for your members and care providers to work towards recovery from Social Anxiety Disorder together with Internet-delivered Cognitive Therapy (iCT-SAD) developed by leading experts at Oxford University.

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Families often face long waits to access treatment for children with anxiety problems. With OSI Child Anxiety, developed by leading experts at the Universities of Reading and Oxford, parents and providers can ensure children receive the support they need to recover

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PTSD can impact every aspect of people's lives and people often struggle to access effective treatment. Make it easier for members and care providers to work towards PTSD recovery together with Internet-delivered Cognitive Therapy (iCT-PTSD) developed by leading experts at Oxford University.

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