Quality Policy

At Koa Health, we believe in putting people (and their mental health) first. So we’ve made it our goal to leverage digital technology and research to enable people to change their behaviors with effective and accessible support that adapts to their unique circumstances.

Koa Health values:

  • Wellbeing
  • Empathy
  • Evidence
  • Growth mindset
  • Ethics
  • Inclusion

We recognize that achieving quality is a journey and all of us have roles that are ultimately tied to the quality of our products. Therefore every person has a part to play whether designing, developing and testing software, deploying products, submitting documents to regulators, marketing and selling products to customers or collecting and responding to customer feedback.

We are committed to efficiently complying with regulatory requirements in all regions we intend to operate and distribute in by following the applicable laws that protect people like us, our families and our friends. We are committed to delivering high quality products that meet customer needs. We strive to produce products that not only help people, but are safe to use.

Our Quality Management System is designed to enable us to meet these commitments and continually improve our products and internal processes. The Management Team establishes and monitors quality objectives to ensure this system is working effectively, as intended.

Version 02 Effective on 14-Jul-2023