Created to support mental wellbeing, Foundations includes a library of content grounded in science to help you deal with stress, poor sleep, worry and anxious thoughts, low self-esteem and more.

In a nutshell

Ramp up resilience

Help your team handle everyday stress more effectively with evidence-based exercises.

Keep calm

Give your employees access to activities curated by experts to help them relax, even when life is hectic.

Dig deeper

Motivate your staff to keep track of what’s stressing them and why with practical wellbeing tools.

The challenge

1 in 5 employees experiences moderate to high levels of stress

At Koa Foundations, we strongly believe science holds the key to understanding how stress impacts us all and finding accessible solutions to improve wellbeing.

Our content is grounded in evidence-based techniques from cognitive behavioral science, mindfulness and positive psychology.

Personalized content

Get content suggestions based on areas you’d like to work on.

Browse a library of guided programs

  • Relax and disconnect
  • Work with your thoughts
  • Improve your sleep
  • Deal with Covid-19 stress

Short, evidence-based activities

  • Interactive exercises
  • Audios and videos
  • Articles and slides

Foundations is a wellness device and has not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA.

What clients say about Foundations

“Foundations gives our team and network the tools they need to look out for their mental health, sleep better and manage stress.”

Emma Kerr

“It really has made me less stressed and take a look at how I deal and think about things”

Foundations user

Foresight leverages AI to protect at-risk patients by predicting potential mental health emergencies before they occur and helping provider teams address them early.

A work in progress, Foresight is not in commercial distribution in the US and UK.


Mindset helps individuals better understand and live well with depression by offering cognitive behavioral therapy-based techniques to complement in-person treatment.

Mindset is a wellness device and has not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA.