Mindset helps individuals better understand and live well with depression by offering cognitive behavioral therapy-based techniques to complement in-person treatment.

Evidence-based mental health in your back pocket

In a nutshell

Get to the root

Depression is a vicious cycle. Find out how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help with Mindset's 8-step program.

Lean on the science

Develop skills to better manage depression with educational content based on scientific methods.

Create healthy habits

Use our practical tools to schedule meaningful activities and rework core beliefs, helping you stay well in the long run.

The challenge

35 million US adults have a depressive episode each year

The need for mental health clinicians continues to rise, making access to on-demand, virtual support more important than ever.

Developed by Koa Health in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, Mindset offers a cost-effective, CBT-based tool to support patients outside of scheduled sessions.

Interactive, cognitive exercises

Learn to recognize thinking traps and evaluate and rebalance negative core beliefs.

Tools to understand behaviors

Discover the connection between what you do and how you feel with logging and scheduling exercises.

Support along the way

Communicate with your healthcare provider between in-person meetings with in-app messaging.

Mindset is a wellness device and has not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA.

What users say about Mindset

"It can be tough when battling depression to find enjoyment in anything, but setting concrete goals gives me something to work towards and makes me think about what I actually do enjoy.”

Mindset study participant

A digital-first, self-help app delivering a rich library of exclusive bite sized tools & interventions designed to drive positive mental health outcomes and long-lasting behavior change.

Foundations is a wellness device and has not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA.


Foresight leverages AI to protect at-risk patients by predicting potential mental health emergencies before they occur and helping provider teams address them early.

A work in progress, Foresight is not in commercial distribution in the US and UK.