Anxiety Treatment (Children)

Anxiety Treatment (Children)

Make it easier for healthcare providers and families to work together to help children overcome anxiety problems with online therapist-supported, parent-led Cognitive Behavior Therapy (OSI) developed by leading experts at the Universities of Reading and Oxford.

An evidence-based, cost-effective way to treat anxiety problems in children

Our Approach

Simplified care delivery

Clear guidelines and an accessible digital platform empower service providers to provide anxiety treatment with good clinical outcomes

Satisfied families and providers

NICE EVA recommended online program that makes treatment more efficient and accessible without compromising clinical outcomes or treatment satisfaction

Engaging and flexible

24/7 access to evidence-based modules make it easy for parents and children to build skills when and where works best for them, saving patients and care providers time

The challenge

Providers with experience treatment anxiety problems are hard to find...and harder to book

While cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been shown to be very effective for anxiety problems in children, a global shortage of therapists means families often face long waits to access treatment.

Finding treatment for anxiety problems designed for children often presents an even greater challenge.

All of the key features of CBT for child anxiety in a convenient digital platform

Weekly 20 minute therapist phone calls for 1:1 support and guidance

Increased flexibility for families with on-demand access to engaging self-study resources and activities

OSI has not been reviewed by the FDA

Koa Care 360
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Eliminate the need for multiple vendors by covering lifestyle, prevention and therapy within one unified, clinically-validated platform. Koa Care 360 by Koa Health delivers personalized individual mental health support that maximizes impact across your population.

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Social Anxiety Treatment (Adults)
Social Anxiety Treatment (Adults)

Make it easier for patients and therapists to work towards recovery from Social Anxiety Disorder together with Internet-delivered Cognitive Therapy developed by leading experts at Oxford University.

iCT-SAD has not been reviewed by the FDA