No vaccination for the mental health crisis

Supporting employee mental health (and with it, corporate resilience) is more important than ever in the post-covid workplace.

Two women smile in an informal workplace setting.

COVID-19 has impacted mental health (and mental health support) in remarkable ways, and that, in turn has impacted employees and the organizations where they work. Teams everywhere have been forced to adapt to a new way of working together, often while physically apart. Widespread disruptions in life as we know it, in areas ranging from finances, to medical care, to our relationships with family and friends have combined into a perfect storm for mental health issues.

So it’s not surprising that for many organizations, even those with strong Employee Assistance Programs, supporting employee mental health throughout this crisis has presented a too-swiftly moving target with no easy or obvious “cure” on the horizon.

Report highlights

  • 40% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression during the pandemic
  • 30% of psychologists are treating more patients
  • 53% of employers are providing wellbeing support during the pandemic