Breakthrough interventions

As breakthrough research offers new insights for elevating mental health, our team of researchers, clinicians, engineers and designers are transforming those insights into exceptional solutions designed to make balanced mental health more accessible for more people.

  • Foundations

    A digital-first, self-help app delivering a rich library of exclusive bite sized tools & interventions designed to drive positive mental health outcomes and long-lasting behaviour change.

  • Mindset

    Mindset helps individuals better understand and live well with depression by offering cognitive behavioural therapy-based techniques to complement in-person treatment.

  • Perspectives

    Perspectives is being developed to provide guided cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) via app to patients across a range of disorders.

    A work in progress, Perspectives is not in commercial distribution in the US and the UK.

  • Foresight

    Foresight leverages AI to protect at-risk patients by predicting potential mental health emergencies before they occur and helping provider teams address them early.

    A work in progress, Foresight is not in commercial distribution in the US and UK.